The sharing of stories …. community + connection = love

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Elders can provide essentials our children require – kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lessons in life, wisdom of a life lived …

On Wednesday 15 November, 2017 (when many around our nation were celebrating a vote for yes for Love), it was obvious that loves comes in many forms – the friendships between our Teens and their Elders were in full bloom by week 5 of S.T.E.P.

Some of the Teens have described their experience over the past 5 weeks as “interesting, fun and informative ” others as ” exciting, interesting and joyful”.

One went so far as to call it “sublime”.

Their Elder at partners at Bupa Australia Queens Park have described a “joy and happiness” to have the Teens visit each week.

“I’m just happy they are here !”

Studies have shown a relationship between volunteering and increased self esteem, doing for others, may stimulate the release of endorphins, linked to improved immune system, physical and mental health. Research also shows that strong ties between generations result in psychological, social and economic benefits.
Thanks again to the amazing Kids Giving Back for their unwavering support to get this program off the ground. For more opportunities on the other incredible volunteer opportunities visit For more information on S.T.E.P follow along Heart and Soul Story

Images:  @joshuayeldham and @lalalandshop

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