Welcome to Heart and Soul Story, where you can find out a little more about our story, and how we may be able to help you explore and capture the heart and soul of yours and help you realise the important role we all play in ensuring connection, compassion and collaboration in our community. 

Heart and Soul Story is a social enterprise with a vision to facilitate empathy & connection through the sharing of life stories, with the aim to ultimately contribute to increased emotional intelligence,  resilience and overall well being across society, with a particular focus on our Youth and our Elders.

 The Heart & Soul Story team are passionate about providing social impact across the following areas

Intergenerational programs & initiatives (Design, facilitation & Implementation strategy)

Intergenerational connection initiatives ( Letters, artworks & video messaging to community Elders)

– Life story facilitation (Design & Interviews)

– Third Sector Social Impact research and strategy (Research for Social Good )




To learn more please go to www.heartandsoulstory.com/about/