Life Stories

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I had been trying for around a year to find the right person to interview my 92-year-old mum, Joan, as I was very keen to have a recording of her memories from her younger life.

It was so important to me to get Mum’s history recorded. It feels very special to have that recording of Mum talking about her life.  I feel so relieved and happy it is done and am so grateful for Sam’s wonderful work to make it happen. 

 Sam did a remarkable job, especially given some of mum’s difficulty remembering events. Sam’s manner, sense of humour and prompting were just right for my Mum.I love the photo of Mum with a big smile, she can be a reluctant smiler! It would be wonderful if there were more people like Sam available to do this kind of work.

                                                                                                        Jane Turner, Jilliby NSW

Our stories are precious. Our stories are unique. By telling our story we have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one’s experiences and oneself.

Storytelling is considered as one of the oldest healing arts, with physical and mental health benefits shown to be derived from forming a story about one’s life experiences.

Essentially, at its heart, storytelling is about meaning making. Sharing our story can help strengthen our sense of identity, remind us of our purpose and let us assert our true, authentic self to the world.

Many people want to reflect on their own or their loved ones life story, but time escapes them. If you would like help in capturing a story please get in touch, it would be my privilege to help.

The primary task of me as an interviewer is for me to help you create and convey meaning around the story you would like to tell. This involves well-considered prior preparation so the conversation can flow as naturally as possible on the day of the interview.

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My role as a social researcher is very much centred around empathetic and responsive listening, and with an interview for a life story the process is much the same. One of my most important tasks before getting to do an interview is always around figuring out the right questions to ask! That will always come down to the aims & objectives of the life story conversation, the desired output and of course, the intended audience.

These are all things that are important to think about as they will help determine whether we are capturing a more of a simple ‘chronological (his)tory, or more of a deeper reflection, that touches on areas such as positive and negative influences, personal ideology, fundamental beliefs and values, reflecting back on a theme for your life story.