Moving out of our comfort zone can bring the best rewards

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“I learnt Te Amo means I love you in Italian” was just one of the great things our Teens reported that they liked about hanging out with their Elders in Week 3 of STEP ( Seniors and Teens Empathy Program) with HSS and Kids Giving Back

It’s not always easy… ” I sometimes found it difficult to keep the conversation going….but once we got it started again it was fabulous !”….. but that’s part of this program – to realise it’s not always going to be easy .. and that’s ok !

In the fourth week of the 6 week program , there was much fun had again sharing stories …..modern mobile phones were compared to the Post Office phone interchange where one resident worked years ago;  music was compared on Spotify  (Irish folk v some modern thrash). Love for art was shared as another resident reminisced about a time he loved to sketch. And, if you can’t take your resident to visit your horse at Centennial park stables, next best option for one of our Teens was to draw some maps and sketches herself.

When the old are not allowed to tell their story…….the young grow up without history. When the young are not listened to…..we lose unique ideas and have no future.
Gunhild Hagestad, Ph.D *

With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come.
William Shakespeare

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