Bringing Generations back together

In this passionate talk about building a 7 – Generation world, Susan Bosak of The Legacy Project inspires you to think about how you interact with your family, your neighbours, and your environment and how to leave a legacy for generations to come. She describes the ecology of four human needs in our modern world;

To live – food and water to survive

To love –  to feel connected and nurtured, to love and be love

To learn  – we are born wonderers, with our need for curiosity and learning often lasting a lifetime

To create a legacy – to have a meaning and purpose, and to feel like something we do matters and will last

Susan proposes that in a world where we spend the first 50 years of our life looking for security, and the next 50 years looking for significance, if we can mobilise the social capital of all of our elders we can catalyse a journey to a 7 Generation world. Importantly, she argues, as communities what we need to do is unlock the gates and set generations free from our Western culture of age segregated society.

What if we brought our generations together to learn from each other ? Back to the way it always was. I know I am passionate about making this happen (especially when I see how both the elders and my children’s faces light up when they see each other when we do visits at the local aged care facility in our community). It’s an inspirational talk, as is the work being done through The Legacy Project

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