Virtual STEP kicks off, keeping generations connected

“As we are learning with many of the challenges we have been faced with during the COVID19 pandemic, sometimes out of the mud an incredible lotus grows. Whilst I firmly believe nothing can or will ever replace the warmth and comfort of face to face connection, having a person shake or hold your hand, give you a hug or slap your leg as you laugh together, I also see the incredible potential that technology offers to bring the community back together, bringing the cheek, laughter and joy of youth into aged care homes around our country.”

To keep reading more about Heart & Soul Story’s virtual program with International Grammar School & Opal Aged Care click here

Heart & Soul Story has also been virtually connected residents at Bupa Aged Care Maroubra back with their buddies from Youth off the Streets, The Bowen College. Students from The Bowen College spent part of term 1 connecting face to face with residents at Bupa Maroubra where we have been running STEP since 2018. They were excited to be able to reconnect from their school via SKYPE and will do so twice a term for the rest of the year as part of their service learning.

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