Letters & Art

A little heart goes a long way

Through Heart & Soul Story Letters we encourage intergenerational connection through the writing of cards & letters for older people in Aged Care who have been further socially isolated due to the ongoing impacts of COVID 19.

Heart – Offer some of your heart in your letter; talk or draw a picture of something you enjoy doing, about something special that has happened in your life or you can ask about something special in theirs. A letter or artwork that has been penned with thought and sincerity can bring joy that fills the heart.

Soul – Letter receiving as well as letter writing and creating art is great for the soul. Writing can be very therapeutic and psychological studies show that writing about your challenges, dreams and emotions can help people experience increased happiness, health, and productivity!

Story – Everyone loves a good story … have a think about what story you are telling in your letter. Is it the story of the year just been, or what you are looking forward to about the one coming… do you have a funny story of something that happened to you at home, school or work? Tell the Elder you are writing to something about your life story.