Here’s what people have had to say about my work over the years …


Belinda Kerslake & Phil Freeman

Douglas Nicol Louise Kanis


Sangeeta Leach Colin Sevitt

Marc L’Huillier – CEO, Sweeney Research

We worked with Sam on a number of projects and we were impressed by her absolute professionalism and her ability to deliver research and recommendations that make an impact. She understands the fundamentals of good qualitative research, always looks at things with a strategic eye and invariably thinks creatively about the implications for a client. Sam has that important ability to not only engage people from all walks of life, but to genuinely understand their perspective and translate it into something that makes a real difference to clients. Overlaid on her considerable research skills and her passion for strategic planning, Sam is also highly personable and approaches everything she does with unwavering enthusiasm.

Melissa Reader, Founder Purpose Agency & CEO Life Circle

Samantha is a motivated, honest and very hard working person who leads by example in both her professional and her private life. She regularly demonstrates her resilience and willingness to tackle challenges with a resolve and energy that is inspiring to those around her.

As a key part of Doppio’s leadership team Samantha has contributed greatly to the strategic repositioning of the company as we realise our own social responsibility and further our work in the third sector. This is where Sam’s passion lies: in doing real work that enables her to contribute to the development of a more civil society. In recent years Sam has led projects for the Red Cross, Australian Diabetes Council, and Media Access Australia.

Samantha is a very personable, intelligent and compassionate person who has the ability to lead and inspire people. She has a calm and very considered approach which belies the determined and passionate characteristics that underlie her personality. Sam’s great interpersonal skills, and her easy but very professional manner inspires the confidence of our clients which assists greatly in the success of the projects that she worked on.

Sam is the kind of person whom I feel, is destined to do great things. Her professional background and training, combined with her wide range of personal attributes, equip her to contribute to the improvement of a range of social and environmental issues which challenge our society today.